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INFOCON has been developing and implementing open systems solutions, since day one, however, we understand the compelling financial need to preserve previous capital expenditure, where legacy proprietary protocol, BMS solutions, are deployed. We believe that customers should have choice. This is why we have a large selection of legacy protocol interface drivers, so you can keep the existing BMS hardware and build an open solution around it, without having to waste perfectly good working BMS I/O hardware.

Our Open approach, where we support legacy and new Open standards, is especially relevant when end-users have multiple buildings, with multiple vendors systems deployed, and they face an almost impossible task to maintain all sites, in one coherent and efficient centralized management solution.


Our Latest News

14 Oct 2010

EasyIO is pleased to announce that its world class EasyIO Sedona Controllers

EasyIO is pleased to announce that its world class EasyIO Sedona Controllers now support logging and full logging integration with Niagara. A first for DDC and Sedona

14 Oct 2010

Niagara AX certification course and EasyIO Sedona training on 29th November till 3rd December 2010

Niagara AX certification course and EasyIO Sedona training on 29th November till 3rd December 2010.


Features Infocon

  • High-Speed Data Rates
  • Device ID
  • Network Security
  • Multiple Input/Output Type
  • High Accuracy Analogue Channels
  • Programmable/Standalone Functionality

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